About Us
With wish to introduce 'Innovative Management AP Group' & its Placement Services to your organization. We are a well established Recruitment Services Consultancy firm with focus on talent search for Middle, Senior and Top Level Management positions. The Company has a well equipped Administrative office set-up with appropriately qualified professionals..

We possess strong expertise in talent search to meet the critical staffing needs of the client organization. Currently, our team consists of Senior Consultants who have a distinguished track record in the respective industry segments and who have successfully handled recruitment at all levels of Management for reputed Companies. This gives an in-built advantage of being able to quickly crystallize and assimilate the client's requirements for specific roles taking into account the dynamics of competitive business environment.

The experience of the professional team enables a mature application in identifying and assessing potential candidates, thus shortening the time for ultimate selection and placement with the Client. We believe that these competencies can be leveraged to bring in differentiated value in our services to the Client organization.

Talent Search
The process involves gaining a proper understanding of our Client's operations, business context, HR strategy, job profile, culture fit, compensation, discussion and agreement with the client about potential candidate profiles and the methodology of recruitment.

Our search process consists of Networking, Data bank; search portals; and head hunting to zero down on the right person, for the right job and in right time. The candidate is met to assess competencies and suitability for the role to the client organization. We do not charge any fees to the candidates.

A Coordinator is designated for the specific search to ensure accountability and keeping on-going communications with the client including follow-up actions to close the search within the agreed time frame without compromising on overall quality of the services.

In addition, we also provide consultancy on statutory legal compliances for industrial organizations, facilitating organization in obtaining statutory licenses under different Acts and provision of services to take care of salary preparation for the organization.